Since 1949

The Torija-Lor Lawyers' Partnership has over 50 years' experience in legal practice.

It began its professional activity in 1949, founded by Mariano Fernández Torija who, in 1998, was to receive the 1st Gold Medal awarded by the "Illustrious College of Lawyers of La Rioja", after a long and distinguished career in the legal profession.

The lengthy period during which the law firm has been in practice has meant that up to three generations of lawyers have coincided at a given time. At the present time two generations of lawyers are at the helm, allowing the firm to combine experience, the youthful energy of new blood, and the constant, ongoing years of practice.

To be better able to attend the needs of its clients, the practice also has an exclusive court solicitor.

The work takes place in premises occupying over 300 square metres which, in addition to the offices and secretaries’ offices, include various meetings rooms, equipped with connections and up-to-date electronic facilities.

The practice is manned by three lawyers, each with their own functions and peculiarities, covering the legal services listed below and ensuring there is always somebody present to deal with clients.

We can speak to clients in French, English or Italian where necessary, either in their country of origin or here in Spain.

We have direct (and family) relations with the Pericaud et Associés law firm in París, c/ 85 avenue Henri, with whom we collaborate professionally, facilitating access not only to actions in France and the surrounding area and overseas territories, but also the possibility of dealing with matters to be taken up before the Courts of Law of that country.

Not only can we help you with any lawsuit in Spain and its surrounding countries, but also provide constant Legal Advice, through the hiring of this service which, at the same time, we offer the security of having your problems dealt with immediately.