La Rioja, a province which spans the banks of the River Ebro and cradle of the Castilian language, is located in the north of the Iberian peninsula. The region's economy is to a large extent based on its wine cellars, fruit and vegetable canning companies, and SMEs engaged in industrial activities such as making footwear and the manufacture and sale of furniture.

Its rich soil cultivates a vast range of products which form the basis of the Mediterranean diet and on its vines grow the grapes which are used to make one of the world's finest wines. This all helps to make its gastronomy one of the principal tourist attractions of the region.

Nevertheless, the true hallmark of this Spanish province is the warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants, something which could undoubtedly be testified by the thousands of pilgrims who, thanks to the Route of St. James, year after year, visit the most important towns and villages of La Rioja.

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